Kids Teepees was started by Chris, to have one place where you could find all of the different teepees in one place along with interesting content relating to this niche. Although there are many specialist shops available for teepees on the internet regarding teepees, I wanted to create a site that was looking only at the best teepees and producing a helpful guide for parents, grandparents or anyone who is looking to purchase a teepee for a little one.


My love for Teepees developed when I was young

Growing up I always found teepees exciting places to be and it really helped spur my imagination and engage in what is now known as “pretend play” …(previously it was just known as playing!). The importance of pretend play has been shown in various studies and it can help a child develop and develop key skills. Teepees also provide an friendly anecdote to our stressful, complicated and often technology led lives. They remind us that we can (with our kids) still have lots of fun with imaginative play and teepees.

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