10 Tips for Turning Your Back Garden into a DIY Playspace

We all want our kids to have fun, but sometimes the back garden just doesn’t cut it. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 tips for turning your back garden into a DIY playground wonderland that will keep your little ones entertained and engaged for hours on end! These are some of our favourite projects to do with the kids.

1. Make a sandbox

Sandboxes are a brilliant way to entertain the kids. They’re easy to make and the kids can spend hours playing in them! Here’s how you do it: The first step is collecting sand, which should be clean of any debris or sharp objects like broken glass that could hurt your child if they were digging around with their hands.

2. Add some swings to the back garden for kids of all ages

A swing set is a great way to keep kids entertained for hours. There are swings of all different sizes and shapes, you can easily find one that fits your back garden space well. You’ll also need some strong tree branches or posts in order hang the ropes from - we recommend using two sturdy trees on opposite sides if possible.

3. Install a tyre swing or two and watch your kids have hours of fun!

You may have just recently had a baby, or maybe you’re an empty nester. Either way, it’s time for some fun in the sun! It doesn’t matter how old your kids are - they’ll love a tyre swing.

Tyre swings are so much better than rope and will last forever when treated right. You can even add more than one tyre swing if you want to make things really interesting! Your child will be swinging away on this all summer long while you sip lemonade and watch them play from the porch with a smile on your face.

4. Put up an outdoor playhouse with windows, doors, and furniture that can be rearranged as needed

It’s summertime, and you know what that means! Your kids are going to spend the day outside playing. But why should they have all the fun? Put up a playhouse for them to enjoy while you get some rest in your hammock or on your porch swing. You don’t need any skills or tools - just a bit of spare cash and an afternoon of spare time.

5. Create a small obstacle course using things like logs, tyres, tree branches, and other natural items from your garden

Have you ever seen those obstacle courses that are set up in the back garden? They’re usually made with logs, tyres, and tree branches. It looks like a lot of fun to me! I wish I had one of these courses back when my kids were little and they loved to play outside all day long. I remember how happy they were when we would go out there after dinner or on weekends and spend hours playing on this course before it got dark.

6. Build some balance beams out of wood planks or old 2x4s to help develop motor skills in children

Have you ever had a toddler playing on your hardwood floors? It’s not easy to change the direction of their attention. They’re always so determined! Build some balance beams out of wood planks or old 2x4s and it will be much easier for them to focus on something other than all that open space in their room.

7. Plant flowers around the perimeter so they’re easy to reach from any point on the playscape- it’ll make it look more inviting too!

If you’re looking for some more colour in your back garden, try planting flowers around the perimeter of it. It will make a nice addition to any other plants and trees that may be there already! And don’t forget about adding them near where kids can easily reach- they’ll love picking their own bouquet or making an arrangement with all different

8. Get some outdoor furniture for lounging and eating

What’s better than a nice day outside? A nice day outside with some outdoor furniture! When you’re lounging on the couch or eating dinner, it can be really hard to find a comfortable spot that doesn’t have any hazards. Luckily, there are plenty of outdoor furniture options out there for all your needs.

9. Hang a hammock between two trees, or buy one at the store if you don’t have any trees nearby

Hanging a hammock between two trees is one of the easiest ways to get an outdoor space for relaxing. If you don’t have any nearby, or if there aren’t enough sturdy branches on your favourite tree in need of some extra weight-bearing strength.

10. Buy chalk so kids can draw on the ground while they’re waiting their turn on equipment like swing sets or slides

Drawing on the ground is a fun and creative way to get kids away from screens. At first, it may seem like chalk can be costly or difficult to find. When my kids get bored, they draw on the ground with chalk. They can’t do that in our living room or on the carpet though because it’s a mess. I’m not sure where they found this idea but it’s one of their favourite things to do- and now we have a solution! Chalk is easy to buy and cheap too, so you don’t need to worry about making a mess at home anymore.